2019 IRMSA Risk survey


After another successful launch of the 4th Edition of the IRMSA Risk Report in 2018, the Risk Intelligence Committee is pleased to announce that the 5th Edition will be released in February 2019.  We invite all the members of IRMSA, Corporate Leaders and members from other Institutes to participate in this survey as well as the supporting surveys that will be conducted throughout the year in delivering the IRMSA Risk Report, South Africa Risks 2019.

IRMSA aims to ensure that the Risk Report is derived from as broad a base of knowledge as possible reflecting a collective view of all the contributions of the country and its industries’ risks.  We drive this through ensuring a holistic and inclusive approach, supported by creating a current view of the country and industries’ evolving risk landscape in relation to its changing environment and global trends.

Similar to last year, the first step of this year’s project will be an online survey where the most significant risks identified from several global reports are ranked considering the country and industry objectives.  The IRMSA Risk Intelligence Committee extracted and combined from these sources, a robust list of 53 risks to work from.

We request that you:

  1. Select the 20 risks that you believe could adversely affect the achievement of the South African National Development Plan 2030. (Risks relevant to South Africa)
  2. Select the 20 risks that you believe could adversely affect the achievement of the objectives of your organisation/ industry.
Your insights are valued and crucial to the credibility and integrity of the IRMSA Risk Report, South Africa Risks 2019 and therefore please support IRMSA by completing this survey – It should only take 30 minutes of your time!
Take part in this survey and stand a chance to win an iPad sponsored by AIG!

The winner will be announced at the Risk Lab in July 2018

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