COVER - Circa 1988


COVER is a one-stop media facility for all stakeholders in the financial services environment.

COVER is the original intermediary publication in the South African and African insurance market having started in 1988. Of our 33 000 readers approximately 2 000 is situated on the African continent, outside of South Africa, the biggest focused reach of any publication in our industry.
COVER provides our readers with quality editorial content produced by industry experts to allow them to stay at the forefront of developments in the financial services industry, gain technical knowledge and to be exposed to brands operating in their space.

COVER provides all stakeholders in the financial services industry the opportunity to showcase their corporate profile, products and services and promote their brand in a high-quality, widely respected publication.
We assist with the planning and development of media campaigns and roadshows to launch products and promote company events across all media platforms from print, online and newsletters to social media.

COVER in numbers

32 350 readers -19 350 for the print magazine and 13 000 for the digital version of the magazine, COVER2GO. The average shelf life of an issue is three months.
• 10 000 + financial planners and investment advisers
• 10 000 + insurance brokers
• 2 500 + corporate employees in the financial services industry
• 2 500 + risk management participants
• 11 000 unique website visitors staying on average 2 minutes
• 7 800 LinkedIn connections
• 7 000 newsletter subscribers
• 4 000 Twitter followers
• A income group readers

Every issue of COVER aims to be relevant regarding the events and issues that are current in the industry. Editorial content is balanced in every issue to represent all areas of the industry.We have a few specific focus months during the year.

Important Notice: The above may vary depending on important events in the industry on a monthly basis.


2016/2017 Advertising Rates and Information


Advertising in certain positions marked with  ** is dependent upon a 12 month fixed contract.

Cost per insertion 1 x p.a 4 x p.a 6 x p.a 12 x p.a
Double Page Spread R36,800 R33,100 R30,100 R27,100
Full Page R24,200 R22,100 R19,600 R17,350
Half Page R14,850 R13,250 R12,100 R9,800
Third Page R10,800 R9,950 R9,200 R8,250
Quarter Page R8,850 R7,950 R7,350 R6,200
Z-Fold Cover Double Page R38,100 R35,200 R32,500  
Inside Front Cover** R19,000  
Inside Back Cover** R18,400  
Outside Back Cover** R18,400  
Loose Inserts R13,400 per double sided A4 page - excluding print cost
Belly Bands R19,100 per issue - excluding print cost

All prices exclude VAT and include agency commission

  • Specified insert positions carry a 20% surcharge

COVER has in-house designing capability and can assist in designing advertising material and brochures at competitive prices.


Website Sponsorship

COVER has taken a different approach to online advertising and we now have more of a focus on category sponsorship, working with our clients to give maximum brand exposure and drive targeted leads by targeting ads to the relevant category.

We take on sponsorship of various categories and the category features exclusive artwork in the form of three sets of creatives, we ensure that we
receive a combination of artwork to serve mobile adverts to our members/audience to greatly improve the overall experience.

An example of a client campaign featuring category sponsorship:

An insurance company offering specialist Marine insurance approaches us to work on a campaign to create brand awareness and drive traffic/ leads.

We could target the marine category exclusively with creatives for that company and would also rotate the artwork on the main category for Marine which is

Full creative set featured on the category:

  • 728x90px Banner 
  • 300x600px Skyscraper (300x250px)
  • 300x250px Ad Block

As the sponsorship involves multiple creatives we are running a minimum campaign for three months and we will work with our clients to ensure the campaign is reaching it's maximum potential by breaking down stats to  see what is or isn't working and assist in adjusting the campaign accordingly (Our ad server allows us to load multiple creatives and serve the creative that is receiving the most engagement).

3 Month Campaign: R11,750
6 Month Campaign: R10,000
12 Month Campaign:R8,750

  • Newsletter:

Our bi-weekly newsletter is a great platform for short or long campaigns and goes out twice a week.
We have the following artwork sizes available **Please note that we only accept static artwork.

Ad Size (W x H) One Insert per month Four Inserts per month
Banner - 728 x 90 px R3,850 R2,800 p/insert
Ad Block - 300 x 300 px R3,850 R2,850 p/insert



Video interviews (production and 1 week flight) – R 5 500 excluding VAT & printing, including agency commission
Bellyband insertion - R20 500 - excluding VAT & printing, including agency commission
Bagging – Printed envelope branded and used for mailing the publication to the subscribers

1 Month R32,000 per Month
3 Month R29,500 per Month
6 Month R27,000 per Month
12 Month R22,000 per Month

excl vat and incl commission & printing

  • Bookmarks – R8 850 - excluding VAT & printing, including agency commission
  • Inserts - R13 300 per double sided page - excluding VAT & printing, including agency commission
  • Z Fold Cover Double Page – Fold back Double Page inside front cover. R38 000 - excludingVAT &
    printing, including agency commission

Put your company in the spotlight with COMPANY PROFILES - 2 to 10 page Company Profiles. Price and sample profiles, on request: Price and sample profiles, on request:
(2 pages = R32 500; 4 pages = R44 000; 6p = R56 000; 8p = R69 500)
* Company logo on front cover and contents page, digital copy distributed via newsletter and social media, flighted on


Size Bleed Trimmed Type
Double Page Spread 426 x 303 mm 420 x 297 mm As per Full Page x 2
Z-Fold Cover Double Page 422 x 303 mm 416 x 297 mm As per Full Page x 2
Full Page 216 x 303 mm 210 x 297 mm 182 x 250 mm
Half Page Horizontal 190 x 125 mm    
Half Page Vertical 90 x 250 mm    
Third Page Horizontal 190 x 85 mm    
Third Page Vertical 60 x 250 mm      
Quarter page Horizontal 190 x 65 mm  
Fifth Page Horizontal 190 x 50 mm  
Colour Proof can be delivered to JessenDakile, Pluto Bldg, 7 Susan Street, Strijdom Patk, Randburg - 011 793 6260
Press optimised PDF can be sent to or



Print & Digital Advertising:
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Memberships and Administration:
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