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Our Cardinal Insurance Management Systems (CIMS) provides you with a single, comprehensive, windows- and web-based insurance administration programme on a user-friendly, robust platform. Appropriate for all channels of short-term insurance, CIMS means that you can efficiently and cost-effectively improve your service to clients. As a packaged application, built on the foundation of over a decade’s development, CIMS is innovative, up-to-date technology – expert enough to run an entire business.

Cardinal, a private company, is constantly improving, refining and advancing – for our benefit and yours. With three founding directors and over 40 talented specialists, including Microsoft developers, business analysts and consultants, we’re well-equipped to develop, improve, and enhance systems to suit your needs.

As a front-runner in the high-speed world of insurance industry software, Cardinal understands the growing needs of

•  insurers,
•  underwriting managers and
•  brokers.

In keeping with world trends, we have developed a broad-scope insurance administration system. It offers financial service providers the ease of working on windows- and web-based systems and the intelligence of a programme written specifically to satisfy the unique needs of an industry that’s constantly evolving.