Can cooking like Jamie Oliver affect your car insurance?


NAKED chef Jamie Oliver has a new kitchen – a mobile space created from a converted bespoke 4×4 Land Rover Discovery for the popular British personality’s new series, his Food Tube show on YouTube.

Caption: Oliver infront of his newly revamped Landrover Discovery. Credit: Motorpress


The meals on wheels deluxe edition includes butter churners on the wheels, a slow-cook dish warmed by the engine and a pull-out worktop as well as a toaster in the centre console, barbeque with an engine-powered rotisserie in the car grille and pasta maker, gas hob, herb garden, sink, fridge and transmission-controlled salt and pepper mill.


However, for fans looking to emulate Oliver, or motor enthusiasts seeking modifications to their sound systems or engines for their vehicles, AutoTrader advises South Africans to consider the insurance implications.


“Modifications to a car must be specified in the car insurance policy to be covered. That includes the factory-fitted extras added at the sale stage like mag wheels, a sunroof and electric windows if those features are not standard” said AutoTrader CEO, George Mienie.

Caption: Centre console mounted toaster. Credit: Motorpress


Other unusual modifications South Africans have added to their vehicles include items such as safes. “Insuring modifications is possible,” said Linda McHardy insurance broker at LA Metcalf & Associates cc. “All modifications and accessories must be detailed on your policy, and one must make sure that the company that attends to the modification / extras is approved”” said McHardy.

Caption: spice rack holiding 11 spices. Credit: Motorpress