COVER Digital Magazine – February 2020

With the industry focus moving from risk transference to risk mitigation, there comes a strong move to technology to facilitate new processes and efficiencies. This shift is also having an influence on the relationship between the insurer, broker and client. On page 9 Andrew Coutts of Santam, explores this shift.

With all eyes on prescribed assets and where investors can optimise return with maximum safety, regulations around prescribed assets are under the spotlight. In its worst form, prescribed assets implies free licence from government to do what it wants with retirement fund assets by prescribing how they are invested. Thus far, what has been said about prescribed assets may sound like a familiar script – similar to some of the debates around expropriation of property without compensation, or the nationalisation of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). In other words, a lot has been said, without much in the way of implementation. This is according to David Crosoer, Chief Investment Officer at PPS Investments, read more of his perspective on prescribed assets on page 38.

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