COVER Digital Magazine – July 2018

The National Health Insurance Bill has been released by Government. So far, most commentators are cautiously optimistic, mostly because everyone really wants to see it work. However, it is not that easy.

I have two main issues with Dr Aaron Motsoaledi’s NHI Bill; execution & manpower. The essence of my disagreement with the Bill is that Government have absolutely no positive record when it comes to implementation. I don’t even have to expand on this. Untill we see one well-functioning government department, or just one hospital, NHI will stay a wonderful fantasy. Then we have the issue of manpower. What seems to be going unnoticed completely, are the two words “health services”. Somebody has to deliver these services, and that means healthcare workers. In this months edition we have gathered some commentary on the NHI bill. Give it a read and decide for yourself whether you think it will work or not.

We also look at the cost of insuring motor accessories, tax and your cryptocurrency, and trade wars.


Enjoy the read!