COVER Digital Magazine – May 2019

Insurtech Quantum leap!

In this months edition, one of the features we bring you is on Insurtech. The misconception when defining insurtech has mostly been that people tended to think of it as only those innovative mobile apps aimed at getting millennials to buy insurance after seeing it on social media. Well, that’s not it. Insurtech is any technology that can be used in the insurance value chain. The types of technology might take turns in taking centre stage but, depending on where in the value chain you are, the tech that most interests you might differ vastly from what’s sexy at the moment.

COVER’s Insurtech 2019 conference is done and dusted but the sharing continues. In this feature a few of the presenters share their thoughts and experiences as we explore the technology thread that is spreading across the industry.

Another feature not to miss looks at Reinsurance broking in Africa. Lee Ellis, CEO of RFIB Africa shares his thoughts on this fascinating business. Very few reinsurance brokers have as much emerging market experience as Lee, so this is well worth a read.

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