COVER Digital Magazine – October 2019

Feeding a nation: The role of Agri Insurance

Don’t miss the Agri Feature in this months edition of COVER. It always seems to me like Agri- Insurance is mostly happening behind the scenes and that the segment has to quietly fight for recognition. Yet, the long-term sustainability of the agriculture industry is deeply embedded in increased penetration, especially in the small and medium farming community.

Agri insurance is finding its feet amongst local farmers, opening the doors for an industry revolution. Innovative products and distribution channels, public-private partnerships and learning from our neighbours to the north will be informing strategies going forward.

Our Offshore Feature is also a must with South Africa is in a very precarious position at the moment, politically, socially and economically, most people are evaluating future developments and their own personal financial position very carefully.

However, globally markets are also pretty subdued and volatile. We are not alone, as they say, which makes the decisions around offshore investing about more than just potential return on investment. We asked a few companies to provide us with their views and thoughts on the current offshore investment environment, as well as the challenges facing advisers and their clients.

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