In keeping with the evolving reading demands of our readers, and especially the modern consumer of information, COVER has started a series of E-Books. This exciting innovation presents an easy reading, online and offline format, for consumption on laptops, tablets and mobiles. It brings together thought leadership material from specialist subject experts, in easy to read, short and focused volumes. It facilitates continuous self development and easy sharing to ensure staff and colleagues can share in the experience.

All E-Books go into an E-Book library on our website for future research and study purposes, giving your exposure longevity.


For authors and advertisers it presents a unique opportunity to showcase your brand, products and thought leadership within specific specialist categories of insurance.

Women’s Month E-Book – Marching to the top

I can easily say that the August 2019 issue of COVER has given me the most joy and biggest satisfaction to put together, since I took over at COVER. I could not resist turning the Women’s Feature into an E-Book for ease of sharing, therefore ensuring that as many people as possible read the contribution from these fabulous women in insurance. So go on, share far and wide.

In celebration of Women’s Month, I decided to ask a few of the many special industry woman that have enriched my life, to provide me with a short contribution. I provided no brief and no guidelines, simply asking them to write from the heart on “being a woman”. I encourage you to take your time and really immerse yourself in these stories, for they will not only enrich your understanding of the role women play in our industry, but they will encourage you to promote gender equality.

Thank you to all the woman who are growing this valuable industry and who enrich my life and my business on a daily basis. Thanks also to all the exceptional women who  took the time to provide their comments for this feature.

Download the Women’s Month E-Book

Insuring Small Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises

May sees the launch of the 2019 Small Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMME) E-Book, sponsored by AIG. 

With small businesses being the champions of employment and growth of the South African economy, it is essential that we ensure their sustainability.

In this E-book, the specialists take a look at how to ensure the sustainability of this sector, the risks faced and how best to manage them.

Download the SMME E-Book

Cyber Liability in 2019 – Are your clients covered?

The beginning of April sees the launch of the 2019 Cyber Liability E-Book, sponsored by Camargue. 

The specialists look at some of the top threats and challenges in this unique environment and cover how to proactively manage risks along with the best practices that insurers should follow.

Camargue, our E-Book sponsor have a unique offering, having partnered with cyber security experts, Cyber Safe Consultants, who provide the Cyber Vulnerability Scan. Take a look at the CVS brochure for more information.

Download the Cyber Liability E-Book

What’s in store for South Africa’s Financial Future?

On the 20th of February 2019, South African Minister of Finance, Tito Titus Mboweni, delivered one of the most important budget speeches since the dawn of South African democracy.

The Annual National Budget is more than just a summary of the state of the nation and its finances, it opens up a window into Government’s strategy for the future.

We have put together this special E-Book Budget Edition filled with commentary from the industry giving their take on the 2019 Budget Speech.

Insurtech is the name of the game in the second edition of our new E-Book series

Technology is no longer a competitive advantage. It is fast becoming just a ticket to the game. With Insurtech driving a holistic digitisation process that impacts, challenges and disrupts conventional thinking.

PWC, in a recent report titled – Ready and Willing: African insurance industry poised for growth, noted the following: “Technology and data are now considered the most important global trend disrupting the industry”.

This year COVER brought together more than 13 Insurtech founders and 10 enablers on one platform for South Africa’s oldest Insurtech Conference. In this edition of our E-Book we have put together some of the information shared by these founders and enablers at our conference.

Cyber E-Book 2018

COVER Published the first E-Book for 2018 in late October with great success.

The first Cyber E-Book looks at Cybersecurity trends, risk mitigation & gives some suggestion around how to go about choosing the right cyber insurance provider.

We included some great articles from Industry experts ranging from Technology providers to Insurance practitioners and you can look forward to contributions from: King Price – Wynand van Vuuren, Galix – Simeon Tassev,

Ethan Pitts – Camargue, Simon Campbell-Young – MyCyberCare, Riaan Bekker – thryve, Simon Colman – SHA, Santho Mohapeloa – SHA, Justin Keevy – Marsh Africa

Participation requirements:

Thought Leaders – Put your writing cap on and share your thoughts on one of our upcoming specialist topics. Up to 700 words structured to share knowledge and experience can be sent to us whenever ready, taking into account that we might be creating more than one E-Book on a topic of a period of time.

Advertisers – You can insert a digital banner, video content, product information and full or half page advertising material to be included in the E-Book. You can even sponsor a E-Book of your choice, which means that all branding rights go to your brand, services and products. The E-Book format exposes your brand to an estimated 50 000 readers, before sharing by those readers.

Participation cost varies from R3 500 for brand exposure, up to R17 000 for a complete Sponsorship package.

You can view some of our first E-Book authors by clicking on the images below which showcases the author’s full bio.