Driving success through bigger picture thinking

JSE-listed financial services firm PSG Konsult has launched a television advert. Revving up their marketing drive, the advert tells the story of the record win by Sir Stirling Moss and his navigator, Denis Jenkinson, at the 1955 Mille Miglia motor race in Italy.

While other race entrants focused primarily on optimising the performance of their cars, Moss and Jenkinson secured their win by taking a broader view: They realised the importance of the driver/navigator partnership, used an innovative navigational Roller-Map and spent hours mapping their route ahead of the race. In doing so, they set a record time that still remains unbeaten.

Their story was chosen because, as bigger picture thinkers, PSG believes that contemplating every detail really does put you ahead in the race. “We immediately felt drawn to the story of Moss and Jenkinson as it aligns so perfectly with PSG’s own vision and approach to securing the best results for our clients’ financial wellbeing. The elements of rigorous planning and preparation, a commitment to the pursuit of excellence and the priority we place on building strong client partnerships had particular appeal,” says Tracy Hirst, PSG Head of Group Marketing.

Conceptualised by Publicis Machine, this momentous event in motor racing history is told backwards. “The climax is not that they won, but rather that they saw the bigger picture and knew what to do to win,” says Executive Creative Director, Gareth McPherson. “We needed to show the end result and come back to that moment.”

As a result, the advert starts at the finish line, with Moss and Jenkinson celebrating their historic win. It then moves back through scenes from the race itself. While Moss’s eyes are fixed on the road, Jenkinson keeps an eye on his Roller-Map, knowing exactly what to expect from the stretch of road ahead. He communicates this to Moss, enabling him to navigate the route quickly and confidently.

“We have created intrigue by combining footage moving both forwards and backwards, as well as slow-motion interspersed with moments of speed and power,” says McPherson. “We have also included actual stock footage from the event at the end of the advert for an element of authenticity.” McPherson adds that Doug Nye, who sits on the Advisory Council of the British National Motor Museum at Beaulieu and is generally recognised as a world authority on competition cars of any period from 1887, assisted in writing the script to ensure it was factually accurate. In the same vein, the pace notes on the Roller-Map used in the advert were exact copies of those used by Moss and Jenkinson in the race.

“It’s the right campaign, for the right client, at exactly the right time,” comments Publicis Machine Managing Director, Tom Fels. “It’s been a tough start to the year. South Africans are looking for guidance, particularly in the financial sphere. PSG, with its ‘Bigger Picture Thinking’, understands the terrain and knows where it is going – which makes it an ideal navigator in these tumultuous times.”

From a messaging point of view, the advert differentiates PSG from its competitors. “Our new advert demonstrates our desire to achieve great results for our clients, even if it means challenging the norm and doing things differently” says Hirst. “We know that the best result can only come from seeing the bigger picture and having the courage to act on it.”

TV will be the lead communication channel for the campaign, with print and digital display adverts supporting it. Directed by Jonathan Parkinson and Nicole Ackermann of Fresh Eye Film Productions, production was coordinated by Publicis Machine and Caz Friedman, with support from special effects agency, Gepetto’s Workshop, animation studio, Sphere Animation, sound production company, Freq’ncy Audio with music by Rob Shroder of Robroy Music.



PSG Konsult