TechFest 2023

Technology in our world has become synonymous to breathing. Most people do not think about it, they don't really try to understand it, but their lives depend on it. Make breathing difficult or take it away and you quickly see that, without it, we simply do not survive.

I realise this sounds quite dramatic but, no matter how you look at it, technology has become indispensable in the digital age. As for the insurance and financial industries, if you had the privilege, or foresight, to attend COVER's TechFest2023, you would have heard from the various presenters how crucial innovation on the back of technology has become for survival and a sustainable competitive strategy.

In this e-book we feature a comprehensive overview of all the presentations and round table discussions. The videos of the sessions, for the full experience, can be viewed on our website.

Just a few details

Just a few details

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