Exergy celebrates 10 years of innovation in insurance administration

Demonstrating its relevance in today’s insurance environment, SilverBridge CEO Jaco Swanepoel referred to Exergy’s 2.6-million lines of code and 5120 stored procedures. “One of our core focuses has been to deliver simple solutions to the life assurance industry with easy-to-use interfaces that make it enjoyable to use yet can be adjusted to fit their unique business model.”

Using a remote control as an example, Swanepoel says more functionality does not solve complexity. “Like any remote, the usefulness of the functions will only become apparent if you actually use it.”

He says Exergy is an accumulation of many years of learning. “The SilverBridge model for administering policy contracts offers clients many options for multiple business models.”

SilverBridge CIO and Product Development Executive JC Oberholzer highlighted the latest features and also announced Exergy’s availability in Portuguese.

“Features include a facelift to the user interface, performance optimisation, easy incident logging and a simplified document generation tool called Snapper. We also introduced a web portal; a deployment tool and script management tool; and Exergy’s workflow engine – NodeWalker,” he explained.

Oberholzer also introduced Exergy’s Testing as a Service (TaaS), a solution that provides assurance that implementations run efficiently. He says test automation is a critical component for the successful implementation and maintenance of any solution.

Automated testing reduces the cost, risk and lengthy cycle times associated with manual testing. Not only does it improve the reliability of testing, but it extends the scope of manual testing and provides rapid feedback of test results.

”Over the years, SilverBridge has gained extensive experience and built various toolsets for automated testing of Exergy. SilverBridge TaaS is now offered to clients as a way to get the benefits of automated testing with minimised upfront investment for automation testing tools and ongoing maintenance cost associated with the test pack and the expertise required,” he concluded.