Hat trick for Bonitas Medical Fund

By: Bonitad Medical Fund

Bonitas Medical Fund was recently awarded the Ask Afrika Orange Index for service excellence. This makes it a hat trick for the Fund this year, having earlier received both the Kasi Star Brand Award and the ICON Brands Survey award – both for the medical aid category.

The Ask Afrika Orange Index, which started in 2001, measures service within and across 32 industries, using 10 of the most relevant service benchmarks and ranks 165 companies. This ensures a 360 degree view of the service performance of the company while measuring customer and emotional satisfaction and loyalty.

According to Ask Afrika service expectations have changed significantly over the past five years. ‘Consumers are more sophisticated and have higher service expectations. This, in conjunction with more choice and service channels, elevated access to information and less customer loyalty, not only shapes what consumers know and expect from brands but also how they engage with brands’.

Gerhard Van Emmenis, Principal Officer of Bonitas, says, ‘as a South African brand that has been around for over 35 years we conduct regular interactions and surveys with members and financial advisors. Through this, we gauge customer satisfaction in order to improve on the delivery of services.

‘We appreciate that we need to differentiate ourselves not just through our product offerings but on delivering an efficient service and outcome for our members. We are pleased that our members are positive about both the product and service they receive from us. The increase in satisfaction can be directly attributed to claims being dealt with quickly and efficiently as well as clear, simple, easily understandable communication. ’

The Fund’s call centre was recently upgraded and additional staff training rolled out to ensure member that queries are dealt with timeously. Earlier this year Bonitas enhanced their website and digital platforms to offer members and brokers more support.

photo of the award