The importance of employee screening

By: Commercial Crime Concepts

Commercial Crime Concepts (C3) partners with Managed Integrity Evaluation (MIE), South Africa’s largest background screening company, to offer employee screening to clients.

Over 10% of job applicants screened over the past five years using the AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) Criminal Check were found to have a criminal record. Close to 20% of job applicants have a poor credit record.

“Checking a prospective employee’s criminal, fraud and credit record is an effective way to reduce employee theft and fraud,” says C3 director, Gail Carver. “As a leading South African commercial crime insurance underwriter, we see the stats that come through. Job applicants with criminal records definitely present a higher risk to employers”.

“We therefore partnered with MIE to assist our clients with their risk management and to reduce the risk of employing individuals with records and thereby reduce the risk of commercial crime occurring within their businesses.”

Carver says C3 will cover clients’ screening costs to a maximum value of 10% of their annual premium.

“This is an industry first from a commercial crime underwriter,” she says. “Helping our clients to reduce and avoid risk is our focus at all times.”

MIE is South Africa’s largest background screening company. It offers a variety of solutions, depending on the size and requirements of the client business.

The company has a network of 65+ branches where applicants can have their fingerprints captured. Alternatively, a business can purchase its own fingerprint reader and train its staff to capture applicants’ fingerprints on site.

MIE makes use of an online portal for credit and fraud checks and the latest in screening technology – which is also extremely user-friendly.

Contact Gail Carver to find out more about this unique product offering.