Innovate or Die

The Pan-African Bancassurance & Alternate Distribution Conference is fast approaching and is not to be missed.

This two-day event is filled with an abundance of inspiring content sessions for you to learn how to beat complexity and has dedicated networking platforms for you to form new Business Partnerships & generate new Sales Leads.

Whether you are one of the industry leaders in this region or you are looking to enter this exciting market for the first time, the conference will provide you with the platform to meet directly with key partners and do business in one of the fastest growing Financial Segments

Themed Innovate or Die!, the “Pan-African Bancassurance & Alternative Distribution Channels Conference 2018“ will be held in Accra, Ghana on the 3rd and 4th May 2018.

Attending the conference is more than just knowledge acquisition:

  • It is about catching up on the new technological trends in the financial services sector to redesign and remodel your business strategy.
  • It’s meeting the disruption taking place in an industry we think we know so well; guess what? These disruptors have largely been labeled outsiders. It’s about networking with senior colleagues from all over Africa and beyond, learning from each other and forming partnerships.
  • It’s about getting to know the right people who can provide the best or right solutions at the time when you need it.

It’s our pleasure to welcome you to this conference and the only conference of its kind in Africa, by Africa and for Africa.

Be part of the future of Insurance in Africa