Insurance Crime Bureau rebranding

By: The Insurance Crime Bureau

The Insurance Crime Bureau released its new logo together with the symbolism attached. Garth de Klerk, CEO of The Insurance Crime Bureau said that, “we have changed our name from “The South African Insurance Crime Bureau – SAICB” to “The Insurance Crime Bureau” and we have developed a new and exciting logo to go with it.”

“The new logo has a strong symbolic meaning attached and we hope that this symbolism will relay our affirmation that despite a new look and feel, our organisation remains the same great company” said de Klerk. “By maintaining the same core values, morals and ethics The Insurance Crime Bureau will continue to work with its partners to combat insurance fraud and the related crimes, ensuring
consistent and credible results”.

In the centre of the logo, the magnifying glass symbolises our focus on Insurance Fraud and the related Criminal activities. The burgundy circle represents the Insurance Industry as a whole; working together to mitigate the effect of the criminal syndicates in the Insurance Industry and lastly the broken outer circles show how the crime syndicates are being disrupted, by our efforts as a collective, and how they are unable to be complete circles of crime.

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