April 2023 Edition

Insurance is all about risk; identifying it, understanding it, quantifying it, pricing it, and managing it. When it comes to SME insurance, knowing your client is knowing his/her business. You need as much information as possible, on a continuous basis, to track the client and by proxy your, risk exposure. This brings to the fore a variety of specific touch points that should almost form the pillars of your brokerage: The client relationship, Data and Skill. Be sure to take a look at our SME feature in this months edition for more on these touchpoints.
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What’s Inside

Your DNA and your finances

Roughly half of your personality is passed down in your genetic code and it is evident that our personality and emotions play a huge role in our financial behaviour

Insurance solutions for SME's

The technology and the products offered by insurers need to continually evolve to meet the new and changing demands of small businesses that are increasingly becoming more complex

A.I.'s role in Underwriting

AI has an invaluable role to play in underwriting by enabling insurers to assess risk and detect fraud in the application process while also reducing human error.

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