December Edition 2023

Climate change is disrupting the insurance and reinsurance sectors globally, prompting a reevaluation of private sector insurability. Catastrophe insurance costs surge as climate-related incidents escalate, challenging traditional boundaries and leading to higher costs. The reinsurance sector, historically reactive, now seeks a proactive role in shaping society's resilience to climate change. Get insights into this evolving landscape of global reinsurance and insurance in this months Reinsurance feature.
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What’s Inside

The Impact of Climate Change on Reinsurance

Climate change is transforming global insurance and reinsurance, challenging norms with escalating costs and unforeseen risks.

SA's Thriving Marine Insurance Market and Current Trends

In the realm of South African marine insurance, a dynamic landscape is unfolding amidst global shifts.

Back to the Future – It is time to shape your own

Dive into the highlights of the 2023 FPI Professional’s Convention, themed "Back to the Future."

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