June 2024 Edition

Dive into COVER Magazine's June 2024 edition for insights on the evolving wealth management landscape and high-net-worth individuals' demands. Explore innovative solutions, family office roles, and bespoke insurance needs. Learn about the Two-Pot Retirement System's impact on financial advisers and their clients. Stay informed and inspired in this dynamic environment.
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What’s Inside

Navigating the complexities of SA’s high-net-worth sector

Hymne Landman, CEO of Wealth Management at Momentum Investments Group, discusses the challenges faced by SA's high-net-worth sector.

Navigating the Two-Pot Retirement System

Keith Peter, Advice Manager at Old Mutual, emphasizes the crucial role of financial advisers in preparing for the Two-Pot Retirement System.

AI Transformations in the Insurance Industry

Alex Zukerman, Chief Strategy Officer at Sapiens, delves into the transformative impact of AI on the insurance industry.

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