May 2023 Edition

What is clear from the various contributions to this months Offshore feature, is that it is not as straight forward as simply deciding what the general offshore average is and whether you are looking at long- or short term investing. Advice is not only essential to this process, but advisors should also be consulting technical experts when it comes to factors like regulatory requirements and pitfalls in the various jurisdictions. It can be a minefield, where clients lose, rather than benefit, from their diversification efforts.
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What’s Inside

Health and behaviour modelling

What does physical health have to do with financial wellbeing in retirement?

SA’s SME farmers at risk

Research reveals that when looking at agriculture, industry, commerce and tourism combined, the agricultural sector bears about 63% of damage and loss from disasters.

Tech – journey to efficiency

There is no one solution that fits all, because different companies are in different phases of their technology journey and their business maturity.

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