May 2024 Edition

Disasters in construction and engineering, like the recent building collapse in George, can be catastrophic. With many dead and injured, the human tragedy is immense. Effective risk management is crucial from the planning phase through project execution. Construction and engineering insurance specialists and risk managers must be involved from start to protect developers, contractors, employees, financiers, and insurers. This month’s feature highlights the extensive risk landscape, demonstrating the need for specialist advice and insurance products, all of which the industry provides.
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What’s Inside

Thriving in a brave new world of Broking

As the industry grapples with evolving market landscapes, legislative shifts, and challenges, brokers find themselves at a crossroads, seeking innovative ways to navigate

Engineering and Construction Insurance: Challenges Amid Economic Pressures

Can increased budget allocations alone rejuvenate the construction and engineering sector, or are there deeper, multifaceted challenges at play?

Transfer pricing and its effect on connected-party cross-border transactions in Africa

Expanding your business from SA into Africa can be fraught with legal and tax obstacles, Ralph Wichtmann, MD at Sovereign Trust SA and Imra Lategan, Head of Priva unpack the topic.

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