November Edition 2023

Xoloitzcuintli, you may have thought my opening string of letters a typo but it is in fact the name of the exotic dog breed on our cover. This is just one of hundreds of unique dog breeds South Africans own, and each comes with their own unique set of needs and health issues, making a comprehensive pet insurance a must. The world of pet insurance has defeinitley come a long way over the years and the growing potential in the pet insurance industry is huge, be sure to give P.UMA's article on the evolution of pet insurance a read.
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What’s Inside

Vital role of Financial Advisors as coaches

Financial advisors have a coaching role in helping clients achieve their financial goals, striking a balance between financial flexibility and commitment.

Liability insurance the best approach

As risks evolve, the liability underwriter and the broker need to stay abreast of the emerging exposures and their impact on the business.

Medical aid schemes must innovate or pay the price

There is a heightened sensitivity to healthcare costs in SA and schemes that don’t provide new solutions to address these issues, risk losing existing and potential members fast

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