October Edition 2023

OESAI recently held their 45th annual conference in Mauritius and in this months edition we bring you feedback and highlights from the event as well as two eye opening articles from the Chief Executive and the Assistant Director for Insurance and Pensions, at the Mauritius FSC. What a breath of fresh air it was to discuss regulation with regulators that have their focus firmly on growing the financial services industry in Mauritius. Reading these two articles will give you new hope for the struggle with over- regulation, which our industry is clearly burdened by.
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What’s Inside

A fresh approach to regulation

Mr Thakoor, Chief Executive of the FSC, Mauritius shares insights on the role of the FSC in regulating the financial services industry while fostering innovation & collaboration

Bermuda triangle of financial

Automation of administration processes, use of AI in advice & planning & finally in the behavioural sciences space, these elements are the Bermuda triangle of financial Planning.

Revolutionising glass insurance

Zahed Rassool, the CTO of My Glass, delves into the tech marvel that powers this innovative glass insurance provider.

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