September 2023 Edition

A key focus in this edition of COVER, is the growing risk in the cyber environment, several contributors are sounding the alarm, warning that the risk is much bigger than most businesses anticipate. I believe that the main reason for this stride mentality from the business environment and the insurance industry, is the fragmented manifestation of the risk and claims. However, the alarm calls should be heeded and the potential for a national or even global cyber pandemic should be a collective agenda, we need to tackle the issue on a grand collective scale.
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What’s Inside

Closing the risk cover gap

In the dynamic landscape of insurance and financial planning, one critical concern has emerged – the risk cover gap.

The power of employee benefits

While employee benefits play a significant role in ensuring a financially successful retirement, it is important to note that their effectiveness can depend on various factors

The evolving cyber threat

Cybercrime is evolving globally and SA is no exception. Rapid advancements in digital tech, platforms and services are driving a shift in the approach to managing this threat

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