March 2020 Edition

COVID-19: Into the unknown

There is one area where we are all in the same boat, the humanitarian area. In a time of all this uncertainty, the one constant is that we are all humans and we should all be focusing on being human. We should focus on the ethical and the moral. This is not business as usual and we should not act “as usual”. Although business decisions should always be ethical and in compliance with regulations, now is a time to reach deeper into our humanitarian side. The insurance industry is very familiar with reaching there, with “ex gracia” decisions regularly being made. However, even our industry will be pulled into unknown and very uncomfortable waters when it comes to employees, creditors, debtors, claims and much more.

There is so much information going around and the updates are by the minute. On page 51 we have a thorough analysis of the legal implications of the Virus by Norton Rose Fulbright while IRMSA Alert shares, on page 64, some thoughts on how the virus could affect your business.

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