Natmed What if series

By: Natmed

Natmed Medical Defence is proud to announce its launch of an exclusive series of helpful and informative publications which is made available to our clients who are medical practitioners, health facility operators and medical negligence insurers and brokers in the case of any legal or insurance claim. This series will be published monthly over the next ten months, starting with our first release “What if…I receive a subpoena?”


This series is one of Natmed’s contributions to the health and insurance industries and is exclusive to our clients. The series is complemented by Natmed’s soon to be launched Glossary of Medical Negligence and Insurance terms. Natmed’s Glossary is a plain language guide and draws on Natmed’s long and distinguished history, expertise and experience in the medical negligence insurance industry.


About Natmed What if? series

Each edition is a simplified guide to assist our insureds in regard to common medico-legal issues that may arise in the future. It is a basic reference to making legal terms and jargon more understandable and less intimidating. It assists health practitioners and gives step-by-step advice to them on the most common legal process which they may receive. This series will only be available to our Natmed clients whereby they can access it on their profiles.

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See their first of the series here: What to do if you are subpoenaed