OMAC Actuaries & Consultants announce partnership with offshore investment service

To significantly enhance its offshore investment manager research and product capabilities, OMAC Actuaries & Consultants has entered into a cooperation agreement with a London based data provider, CAMRADATA Analytical Services Ltd.

Windall Bekker, Head of Investment Consulting at OMAC Actuaries & Consultants, explains that the agreement with CAMRADATA Analytical Services Ltd – a leading provider of institutional investment information in Europe and North America – allows it to access and distribute a co-branded fund-manager database.

In addition to sophisticated analytical tools, the database provides an in-depth overview of an individual fund manager’s performance versus its peers. In this way, consultants and trustees are able to make informed decisions o­n behalf of their members, based o­n accurate data from a variety of asset managers.

According to Bekker, asset managers use the software to collate information o­nto a central system where it is utilised by more than 80 consultancies and 300 pension funds globally – thereby creating a global knowledge-base for investment experts. “For this reason, the agreement with CAMRADATA represents an excellent cost-saving opportunity for the industry as users are able to streamline their reporting and tendering processes,” he says.

“We are delighted to be working closely with CAMRADATA and hope that investment product providers will welcome this initiative by completing appropriate products in the database and in doing so, create efficiencies that will benefit the whole investment industry,” says Bekker.

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