Renasa’s Win at The FIA Awards

COVER’s Tony van Niekerk spoke with Jonathan Rosenberg CEO of Renasa on winning FIA’s  Personal and commercial insurer of the Year awards. When asked how they felt about the win, Jonathan said that it was a huge accolade for Renasa and that it showed that their hard work and focus on the broker market paid off. 

With the Personal lines being a very competitive market  Tony asked Jonathan why he thought Renasa received the win.

Jonathan said that their mission is to place their intermediaries into a position to outcompete their competitors. They do this by assisting them in various ways to ensure they can secure and on hold the business they seek.

“This is in the DNA of Renasa and not just a marketing campaign,” says Jonathan

He stated that two important factors play a role; the 1st is Personal service, no contact centres and the 2nd is the use of technology which Renasa spent many years building. 

Tough economic times puts pressure on the consumer , the brokers and the insurer. Brokers now seem to be playing different roles in the tougher economic environment. Tony asked Jonathan how he saw the impact of this changing role.

Jonathan answered by saying that the tougher environment raises the level of competitiveness in the market and therefore the pressure on the intermediaries and insurers alike on winning and maintaining business. He states that that is why personal service and technology becomes even more important to stay on top of the game.