What is the real value of giving back?


Most financial planners don’t react well to being told to do pro bono work — it’s much like being told to eat your vegetables – and often has the opposite effect.

Motivation for doing pro bono comes in many forms, with the “business case” for pro bono being spouted most often, such as:

  • Pro bono programmes help recruit financial planners to your organisation.
  • Pro bono opportunities help build skills in young financial planners.
  • Doing pro bono work can help build networks, resulting in more opportunities for referrals and business.
  • Doing pro bono work may provide recognition for you or your organisation.

For some, however, the “business case” may be irrelevant … but talk to any professional financial planner who does pro bono work, and you will only hear positive things about the experience. Financial planners who do pro bono keep doing pro bono. The question is why?

It is the joy of giving. Giving feels good, and sometimes, it even feels very good.

Doing pro bono connects us to people. We make the system work for people who have nothing to give us but their gratitude. We empower them. We give them hope; we help them when they have nowhere else to turn. It makes us feel that our training, our experience, and our judgment can do some good. It makes us feel that we are better people. And we are.

When you do pro bono, everybody wins. Our communities are served by the most talented of its citizens, and our needy get the help that they require.

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