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    By A.M. Best
    An A.M. Best comparison of the performances of small, medium and large companies in emerging and developed markets has found that smaller insurance companies in both markets examined are the main engines of growth, although in mature markets these companies tend to operate in specialised niches of unique expertise while companies in emerging markets, regardless of size, […]
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    By Moody's Investors Service
    This will hurt insurers’ profits and increases the risk of losses and capital declines for life insurers offering guaranteed rates. In a new report, Moody’s reviewed 21 large life insurance markets and classified them according to their vulnerability to low interest rate risk. According to Moody’s, life insurers in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Taiwan are amongst the most […]
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    By Old Mutual
    Macready (56) moves from within the wider Old Mutual group where he is currently the Group Managing Executive of Nedbank Wealth and a member of the Nedbank Group Executive Committee. He is a seasoned executive with a solid track record in Wealth Management, Asset Management and Insurance together with the technical and leadership skills pivotal […]
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    By Charles Savage, CEO, The Purple Group
    I am grateful to our shareholders and team for their ongoing support and commitment to the plan. These results build on the significant progress already made over the last two years in the Group’s strategic focus and the diversity and resilience of our sources of revenue. Group Highlights for the six months ended 28 February […]
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  • shutterstock_139778623
    By Tony Van Niekerk, Editor-in-chief
    I was privileged to be invited to attend the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Association of South African Black Actuarial Professionals (ASABA). Kgadiso Mokonyane,  current President, opened the evening explaining that the purpose of the evening was to celebrate the Association and what it has achieved. She introduce the first speaker, past President and founding secretary of […]
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  • cog_world
    By Alwyn van der Merwe, director of investments at Sanlam Private Wealth
    The world of investment can be compared to that of fashion: When an item of clothing is in fashion the so-called fashionistas clamour for it and drive prices higher. The pattern repeats in financial markets where the desire to benefit from ‘fashionable’ investment trends results in investor’s exhibiting herd behaviour, which in turn sends prices […]
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  • money on the horizon
    By Peter Dempsey, deputy CEO of ASISA
    The financial stability of the country’s long-term insurance industry is of critical importance, considering that the provision of risk cover to consumers is its core business. The life industry is also recognised as the custodian of a significant portion of the country’s long-term savings pool. In 2014, the total benefits paid to policyholders, beneficiaries, and […]
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  • education
    By INSETA’s Chief Executive Officer, Sandra Dunn
      The programme was a response to the many requests received country-wide. These brokers face seemingly insurmountable odds such as increasing regulation, a need for skills business acumen, administration difficulties, a lack of resources and an uneven playing field. It is tougher for small brokers to attract and retain talent. Once employees have been trained, […]
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By Donald Makhafola, Journalist, COVER
COVER Magazine interviews Brett Erasmus who will be speaking at the upcoming Technology in Financial Services Conference, Brett will be speaking on "The next age of telematics" which will dive into local and international trends and a host of other topics.
February 25, 2015 Read More
In this installment from our video series, our panel of experts provides insight into how companies can examine worst case scenarios or learn from the experiences of others to get a more realistic sense of how to prepare for a potential disaster.
February 2, 2015 Read More
By Donald Makhafola
Short-Term insurance is facing challenges such as cyber crime, the impact of legislation in doing business, the impact of exchange rate generally on insurance and the recent fire in Cape Town was an awakening call for the insurance industry.
March 18, 2015 Read More
Financial Planning
By David Kop,
Financial Planning Institute (FPI) and the Gauteng Department of Economic Development’s Consumer Affairs Office (GOCA) have signed a memorandum of understanding that will mean free financial literacy seminars for members of the public this year.
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By Charles Savage
CEO of The Purple Group Charles Savage talks about the highlights of the last six months and vital statistics of GT Private Broking, GT247.com Easy Equities, Emperor Asset Management and more.
March 30, 2015 Read More
Risk Management
By Malcolm Padayachee
The risks that engineering professionals are exposed to are complex, and in many instances understanding and getting a handle on these risks is massively challenging. Aon investigates
February 25, 2015 Read More
By Jane Tselayakgosi, MD of Hollard Insurance Botswana
The agreement between Hollard Botswana and the Babereki Investments, the Financial Services arm of the Botswana Public Employees Union (BOPEU) will see Hollard Botswana become the preferred provider of insurance products to the union which has more than 27 000 members but through its affiliated unions has a membership of over 100 000.
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