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    By Mike Jackson, CEO of PPS
    Members have benefited hugely from sharing all the profits of the company, making it by far the largest and most successful mutual company in South Africa. PPS has shared its entire profit of more than R21bn with its members over the last ten years. This is a unique benefit for our members, who are also […]
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    By Michael Petersen, CEO of RBS
    RBS today has a staff complement of 130 and is regarded as one of the largest fully fledged financial services advisory firms in Southern Africa after growing its market position through a combination of targeted strategic acquisitions and a focus on driving organic growth. The growth in the South African insurance industry has been stagnant […]
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  • Communication and technology
    By Gunnar Stork, Director Equity & Mezzanine for Africa and Latin America
    DEG’s commitment to Fund III is $20m. In addition the DEG is providing $15m to a co-investment with Vantage in Surfline Communications, the leading 4G LTE network operator in Ghana. Vantage invested $15m in Surfline from its second fund late last year. DEG is excited to partner with Vantage in the investment in Ghana. We […]
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  • outlook
    By Grant Fraser, Product and Marketing Director for Africa at MiX Telematics
    No matter where you are; sitting at a friend’s house for a braai, attending a sports match or even lending your vehicle to a friend or family member, you will be reassured, knowing your vehicle can be monitored in real-time via your smart phone or computer. Alongside the usual GPS positioning features offered – it […]
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    By A.M Best
    A.M. Best has released a new equity report focussing on the stock performance of global reinsurance companies. This Special Report covers fourth quarter and full-year 2014 and shows mixed results. For publicly traded reinsurance companies (including the four large Europeans – Munich Re, Swiss Re, Hannover Re, SCOR) stock prices ended 2014 below the overall […]
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  • cog_world
    By Tecnotree Corporation
    Espoo, Finland –Tecnotree, a global provider of telecoms IT solutions, today announced that it has been awarded managed services contracts with an operator group in Latin America. The value of the awarded contracts is USD 4.2 million and the annual contract run rate value is USD 12.5. As part of the contract, Tecnotree will be […]
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    By Indrani Nair, Claims Specialist, Centriq Insurance
    Surprisingly, only 39 000 vehicles reappeared in the insurance sector’s system last year, which is excellent, but a drop in the bucket considering the statistics above. Where are the rest of the 61 000 (of the estimated 100 000) cloned vehicles on our roads? According to the South African Police Services (SAPS) and insurance forensic […]
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    By Simon Colman, Underwriting Executive at SHA Specialist Underwriters
    Retailers need to ensure that their insurance policies will respond to the strict liability provisions of the CPA. Many retailers forget that being the client-facing element in the supply chain places them in the line of fire for litigation as far as the CPA is concerned. Retail stores have a responsibility to their consumers to […]
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Featured Videos
By Donald Makhafola, Journalist, COVER
COVER Magazine interviews Brett Erasmus who will be speaking at the upcoming Technology in Financial Services Conference, Brett will be speaking on "The next age of telematics" which will dive into local and international trends and a host of other topics.
February 25, 2015 Read More
In this installment from our video series, our panel of experts provides insight into how companies can examine worst case scenarios or learn from the experiences of others to get a more realistic sense of how to prepare for a potential disaster.
February 2, 2015 Read More
By Indrani Nair
According to estimates released by the South African Insurance Crime Bureau (SAICB), R8.5 billion worth of vehicles are stolen in SA each year. Almost 30% of these vehicles (worth approximately R4.9 billion) make it across our borders whilst approximately R3.1 billion worth of vehicles remain behind (and get cloned) and R514 million worth of vehicles end up in local chop shops.
April 28, 2015 Read More
Financial Planning
By Steven Nathan
While the South African government continues to try and find ways to encourage people to save, most notably with the launch of the tax free saving accounts on 1 March 2015, it is just as important that employers make individual retirement planning an integral part of their employee benefits programme.
April 23, 2015 Read More
Time for Change
By Luke Doig, Senior Economist at Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation
The declining trend in year-on-year changes in electricity supply and output growth are clearly visible below and if our estimate of the magnitude of the contraction in electricity distribution in the first quarter of 2015 proves correct, together with the strong likelihood of this persisting for years, then GDP growth is going to struggle to even attain levels of 2% that many are wishing for.
April 23, 2015 Read More
Risk Management
By Simon Colman
The recent increase in cases made against retailers regarding faulty merchandise, brings to the fore the need for retail outlets to implement adequate liability cover as the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) may prohibit these stores from simply ‘passing the buck’ to manufacturers.
April 28, 2015 Read More
Communication and technology
By Gunnar Stork
Vantage announced that the DEG - Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (“DEG”) and four other European investors are contributing a total of approximately $60m to Vantage’s third fund.
April 28, 2015 Read More
Africa etched in leaather
The Insurance Institute of Gauteng presents a premium education event, The IIG Africa Rising 2015. The session will provide insights into doing business in Africa from an insurance and reinsurance perspective.
April 10, 2015 Read More