• business men
    By Swiss Re
    Non-life insurance premiums are expected to grow 2.8% in 2015, supported by strong economic activity in emerging markets. The life insurance sector will be notably stronger in both the advanced and emerging markets, and global in-force premiums are forecast to increase by 4.8% this year and by around 4% in 2015 and 2016. The low […]
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  • investment long term outlook
    By ABSIP
    From all of us at the ABSIP family, we would like to congratulate one of our own, Argon Asset Management for what has truly been an award winning year. Amongst some of the Awards for the year is the ABSIP Emerging Company of the year 2014 award at the 11th Annual ABSIP Financial Services Sector […]
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  • money
    By Discovery Life
    The movement of goods, services, technology and capital across international borders has led to the world’s economy becoming integrated and interdependent, making it increasingly difficult to predict what will happen in the future. Wouldn’t you want to protect yourself and your family against this uncertainty? This is the idea behind the Dollar Life Plan, to […]
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  • winner of race
    By Amanda Sebolai, Divisional Director of Customer Services at Liberty
    Liberty has been recognised as the leading player within the financial services industry when it comes to Customer Services in the Long Term Insurance Category. This was announced by the Ask Afrika Orange Index, a South African customer satisfaction benchmark, established in 2001 which measures services within 32 industries and 155 companies. Amanda Sebolai, Divisional Director […]
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  • Time for Change
    By 10X Investments
    In a time when retirement saving levels are at an all-time low in South Africa, the release of the Financial Services Board’s (FSB) Retail Distribution Review (RDR) discussion paper earlier this month is seen as a step towards creating greater transparency and a simpler product offering for retirement fund investors. According to Steven Nathan, Chief Executive of […]
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  • Communication and technology
    By Ivor van Rensburg, IT Public Relations
    SilverBridge, a provider of software solutions to the financial services industry, has launched SilverBridge Vault, helping insurance companies manage the creation, review, testing and deployment of schema and configuration scripts within an Exergy environment. SilverBridge Vault provides the script reviewers, script package managers and release managers with the ability to setup and manage scripts from […]
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  • Front Cover October - Copy
    By Brent Munnik
    This issue brings you an interesting view of underwriting in a world where Cannabis is legal. We also take a round trip across the continent to look at the latest models in insurance distribution and the role of analytics in risk management. Have fun with a variety of perspectives on our business.
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  • richard ra
    By Brent Munnik
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By Brent Munnik
November 6, 2014 Read More
The Financial Services Board releases a discussion paper outlining the results of its Retail Distribution Review (RDR). The paper proposes a number of far-reaching reforms to the regulatory framework for distributing retail financial products to customers in South Africa.
November 10, 2014 Read More
By Discovery Life
A South African insurance policy that pays out in dollars? Introducing Discovery Life’s all-new Dollar Life Plan, South Africa’s first offshore life insurance policy plan that pays out in dollars.
November 26, 2014 Read More
Risk Management
By Annelie Smith
What do the continual mining strikes and strike-related risks mean for SA business? Annelie Smith, Corporate Executive at Risk Benefit Solutions (RBS), discusses managing the risk.
November 6, 2014 Read More
The South African Insurance Association (SAIA) Board and Barry Scott have agreed to part ways after 20 years of serving the organisation as Chief Executive Officer.
November 18, 2014 Read More