Bryte Insurance offers 3-month premium relief to all its Hospitality customers

By: Bryte

Bryte Insurance Company Limited is offering each of its Hospitality customers, three months of premium relief, with immediate effect.

“Approaching risk with purpose is a fundamental of our business. We are thus deeply committed to protecting our customers, partners and employees to ensure the sustainability of livelihoods,” said Lana Mizen, Head of Hospitality at Bryte Insurance. The relief is aimed at supporting the resilience of the hospitality industry, which has been among those hardest hit during these unprecedented times.

Mizen added, “We also recognise the industry’s tremendous role in reinvigorating the economy once, as united South Africans, we have defeated the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Customers can chat to their brokers to discuss the offering in more detail. For any queries, Bryte may be contacted on