Fintech start-up disrupts service fulfilment in SA

By: Shalen Moodley, director and co-founder of 4-Sure 

4-Sure powers up SA digital tech to accelerate speed, efficiency and delivery of services 

Speed and efficiency hardly hang together when it comes to top-end service delivery, yet South African Fintech, 4-Sure has pulled together the anomalies to create the tech ability to save companies millions of Rands and more importantly put a smile on their customers’ faces.

4-Sure cut its teeth in the insurance industry in the last 4 years delivering  hundreds of thousands of service providers to their customers’ doors in record time, but the real bite lies in its ability to plug into any business that has 4-Sure’s ‘digitally connected ecosystem’ from banking to retail and – believe it or not – funerals.

“It sounds like a mouthful, but it’s simple, any line of business that needs to link suppliers, products and consumers to a chain of service and delivery forms its own ecosystem,” says 4-Sure director and co-founder Shalen Moodley. “It’s the optomised orchestration of people and the next best action that makes these ecosystems scalable and efficient,” he adds.

If your geyser bursts, you call in a claim, you need a plumber – not in 3 hours, but 3 minutes! 4-Sure’s tailored insurance system digitally connects the most suitable and available plumber who attends the call at the time the customer dictates, and while the plumber is driving through to your business or home, the insurance company has connected with the geyser supplier where a procurement of geysers is waiting for collection – already paid for, creating cost of efficiency on bulk purchase and zero red tape.

It’s a good day’s work when a plumber is able to step up the number of call-outs made in a day because of efficiency. A digitally connected ecosystem makes for seamlessly smooth and professional delivery where the customer feels the speed, gets the updates and knows the problem is being solved.

Apply this chain of connectivity to banking services, funeral services, subscription TV installations – any business that has its own unique ecosystem. “What we do is understand, design and develop this digital environment and solve it in a way that all the players are able to interact with it using cool, user-friendly tech,” explains Moodley.

Technology exists to make people’s lives easier, and 4-Sure has taken this premise a step further by developing technology in a win-win that makes life easier for everyone in the service fulfillment value chain. Moodley says that its solution is set to revolutionise service fulfillment across a broad range of industries. “Our technology enables clients to increase their profits exponentially. By refining the customer journey and enabling service providers to be more efficient, 4-Sure changes the way that businesses think and operate. Add to this the resultant granular and rich data, and you have a business that is now 21st Century-enabled,” he explains.

In short, the custom-developed interfaces enable seamless communication between the supplier, service providers and clients, ensuring that the most appropriate provider, with the required skills, equipment and replacement or repair parts, gets to the customer when they dictate. The technology also facilitates fast, secure payment through the chain.

Disruptively good

A proliferation of fintech companies is disrupting industries, including the financial services, wealth management, banking and insurance spaces. Moodley believes these developments must be welcomed: “Disruption to any sector is usually positive for consumers and leads to more innovation, more choice and, if you’re doing it right, lower costs across the spectrum.”

Some background to the global fintech explosion: In 2018, valuations of the biggest private fintech companies bulged, and at least six new fintech unicorns were minted in the USA. Also in 2018, while crypto currency prices and initial coin offerings (ICOs) collapsed, overall investment in fintech surged, hitting $55 billion worldwide – double the year before. And, big fintechs are getting bigger. 19 of the 2019 Fintech 50 are valued at $1 billion or more. The future of fintech should be wearing shades.

Narrowing the focus from fintech to insurtech and looking at the smart cities of the not-too-distant future, there’s an imminent need for technology – lots of it – that integrates smart buildings with the communities that live in them, the agents who manage them, the insurers who underwrite them, the providers who service them, and the utilities that power them.

Within this context, 4-Sure is confident that its purpose-built technology is agile enough to service the needs of ever-more complex service fulfilment structures.