Fairbairn Consult

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Fairbairn Consult was started in 2020 in response to a number of new and emerging regulations – most notably the CoFI Bill and the RDR proposals.  While these regulations are going to result in better outcomes for customers, they pose a number of questions around existing business models for advisers, and Fairbairn Consult has been built specifically to enable advisers to run sustainable practices in this new regulatory environment.

The business has two divisions – retail and institutional.  The retail division consists of Advisers and Planners and Fairbairn Consult Financial Planning.  The institutional division is called Old Mutual Corporate Consultants, which was acquired from Old Mutual during 2021.

On the retail side, Advisers and Planners helps advisers build sustainable practices.  It is an innovative and modern business that leverages true partnerships to enable advisers and planners to focus on their clients, rather than on the increasing compliance requirements.  Our advisers and planners run their own practices, giving unbiased advice on market leading products and services, but without the complexity of their own FSP license.  As an individual adviser, you make all the choices around your clients, your staff, your premises, your office infrastructure and the solutions that you will recommend to clients.

We also offer Franchise opportunities, and advisers have the options of starting their own Franchise or moving into an existing Franchise should they want to.  Owning a Franchise is a fantastic option for an entrepreneurially minded person who wants to build a business within a business.  In a Franchise, you remain in control of your infrastructure, how your advisers run their practices and how they get paid. This means that you can create an environment that your advisers love.  All Franchises can be co-branded with Fairbairn Consult.

Fairbairn Consult Financial Planning (FCFP) is a new division that brings professional financial planning to all clients.  Until now, this was only available to a relatively small group of high net worth clients through boutique Wealth Management firms. All our advisers are CFP® professionals and are paid salaries rather than commission.  We follow a holistic advice led philosophy, that we tailor for the individual needs of each of our clients.

The institutional division is a established business, which has engineered a full suite of consulting services that deliver a host of compelling benefits.  Trustees and Management Boards enjoy the confidence that they are equipped to fulfil their fiduciary duties. Members are exposed to optimal investment strategies designed to meet their unique retirement savings needs. Our advice philosophy is built on the cornerstones of extensive industry experience, solid business insights, and a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of retirement fund members -all of which is underpinned by ongoing research, international best practice and appropriate member education and assistance.