November 16, 2023

Insurance Success through Client Communication

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In a recent interview, Marike Van Niekerk, Manager at MUA Insurance, highlights the pivotal role of client communication and education in fostering sustainability and affordability within the insurance industry.

Emphasizing the importance of clear and transparent communication, Marike stresses its significance in meeting client expectations, managing risks, and enhancing the overall insurance ecosystem.

The interview underscores the challenges posed by knowledge gaps among clients regarding risks and insurance products and the crucial role education plays in addressing these gaps. Marike also discusses how behavioral change, influenced by client education, can positively impact insurance premiums. Brokers, acting as intermediaries, play a vital role in effective communication, ensuring clients understand their rights and options.

From a marketing perspective, Marike notes that effective client communication is not only a legal requirement but also a powerful tool for capturing audience attention and building brand loyalty, ultimately benefiting the entire insurance ecosystem.

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